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My Skate Pro’s Ultimate Guide to Skates!

We all know that starting a new hobby can be daunting, you need time and new equipment. We’re here to help with all your skating needs. My Skate Pro brings you skating lessons from your device to whenever and where you may need it, now you’ll need the proper equipment to be successful. Of course, there are tons of options out there but don’t worry, we took on all the work and we’re here to bring you the best roller skates on the market right now! (in no particular order)

[This is our ultimate guide to roller skates]


If you’re a beginner you’re in prime positioning to buy a new pair of skates! When buying your first pair of skates, your needs are less, which means you can opt for a pair of skates that best fits YOU! Whether your concern is affordability or a skate that is available near you!


Most roller skates will fit you like your favorite pair of sneakers! You won’t have to change sizes for your new hobby!


There are hundreds of great brands that provide all kinds of skates for a range of prices and we’re here to share that with you!



Don’t wanna give up your sneakers? You don’t have to!

Slades is a skate-shoe brand that has a base that can lock and unlock a set of wheels to your sneakers! Although this may not be every beginners choice, it’s a great way to skate and feel comfortable, especially if you’re planning on cruising down a boardwalk! If you’re going to skate, why not do it in style! This skate is awesome for casually skating in comfort, or just to cruise around town. My Skate Pro’s co-founder, Sojourn, uses these to get around New York City all the time! While these skates are great as a form of transportation; if you want a better skate for artistic style you may have to look elsewhere.


Do you want to skate in style? We understand, we do too!

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money and turn your hobby into a passion check out Moxi Skates. You may have already heard of Moxi Skates, as they have a cult following, but it’s for good reason! Moxi Skates is manufactured by Reidell, which means it’s a quality skate you can trust. How do we know? Our co-founder, Sojourn, wears them and so does My Skate Pro app coach, Caro Hernandez! They have a range of skates, starting with their beginner skate, Beach Bunny. Moxi Skates are specifically engineered for hard tricks. So, while you don’t need this skate, and could probably go with a more affordable option, it’s still a great skate to check out!


Chaya is an awesome for an entry to skating that is not too expensive. Although the boot is a little soft and doesn’t have great support, it has all the right things to get you started. This skate is best for outdoor or rink skating and has an adjustable toe stop! This skate is one of the most cost effective options without risking injury. Even with inflation, Chaya has kept their prices accessible to skaters of all levels!


Reidell is the most trusted roller skate on the market! It is responsible for the manufacturing of many other skates on the market, including Moxi! Reidell is responsible for creating Orbit, which is comparable to Moxi’s Beach Bunny as a beginner skate. Reidell’s Orbit is inexpensive with a $169 price point Reidell is a trusted brand with a wide range of skates! My Skate Pro coach, Cece, trusts in Reidell's quality and has a pair of her own!


Worn by My Skate Pro coach, Isabelle, Antik was one of the first roller skates on the market! With its unique design, Antik is an outdoor skate, curated specifically for park skating. This skate is in the mid-tier price range starting around $250 and reaching to the higher range with their Jet Carbon Performance Skate Set at $700 dollars. So, if you think you’d want to specialize in park skating this may be the skate for you!


Harlick, the only skate My Skate Pro co-founder and coach, Candice Heiden, will wear, is and artistic roller skate. The price is definitely a testament to the quality, so, unless you plan on turning your hobby of skating into a passion and a career, we recommend looking elsewhere. Nevertheless, this is a trusted skate that many championship skaters have worn and won in! However, they do take a few months to break in, so we recommend taking it slow!

Moonlight Roller

Worn by My Skate Pro coach, Morgan Weske, Moonlight is a very new skate on the market with impressive quality. Moonlight definitely doesn’t sacrifice quality for the price, they start in the mid-tier range, at about $200. Additionally, Moonlight Roller is a Black-owned business, created by Adrien Cooper who made the Forbes 30 under 30 list!


Although they started with inline skates, In the 1980s, Bont won more quad speed skate world titles than any other roller skate brand. Now they offer a range of skates including roller skates, speed skates, and their new park skate! These skates do start on the higher end of the price range, starting at $200. So, you’ll want to be sure these are the skates for you before purchasing!


Sure-Grip is a mid-tier skate that starts at the lower end of prices when it comes to skates, moving up to the higher end of pricing when it comes to derby skates. Sure-Grip has a wide range of skates, including derby, outdoor, artistic, and rhythm/jam skates! But if you’re a beginner looking for something to start with, the Malibu Skate by Sure-Grip may be where you want to look! Starting at $119, with extra ankle support, you may want to look into these!


Speaking of Sure-Grip, they also have the Boardwalk skate! Sure-Grip Boardwalk Skates are classic suede high-tops that provide a comfortable and supportive ride for anyone looking to skate outdoors. They got a makeover in 2021, offering new colorways that we’re sure will catch your eye! These skates start on the lower end of pricing at $119!

Here’s what we have to say…

Whether you buy sequin roller skates with flowers or LED wheels to go on them; we can’t wait to see your progress in any skate that you choose and we hope this article shows you that this decision is as simple as you want it to be. We can’t wait to see you in your brand-new skates, practicing your new moves from the My Skate Pro App!

Get out there and skate!

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