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Free Border Skate is a female lead, female centered  (although not exclusively) extreme skate program, aimed at fostering positive spaces for youth living in areas of conflict, civil unrest and or extreme poverty. Through the therapeutic nature of physical activity and the confidence that comes from learning an extreme sport, Free Border Skate encourages children and teenagers to positively express themselves, and work towards overcoming the trauma(s) of their past through sports. Free Border Skate Nicaragua is our newest program hosted by Surf Ranch Nicaragua/ San Juan Del Sur Port Authority & sponsored by Salam LADC U.K.; charity number 1173148. FBS was piloted in Lebanon, and aims to establish chapters worldwide; empowering community leaders with the skills and resources to teach roller skating in a fun and safe way. Send us an email if you would like to enroll  your child up here. Please add their name, age, shoe size, and contact information so we can contact you when our courses begin in January. Sign up here. Please make sure you child/ family qualifies to enroll in our free classes, or sign up to our fundraiser days which is a brilliant way to skate and give back. 

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Our classes are led and taught by local instructors in order to ensure our programs are sustainable and do not depend on international/non local staff. However, we do welcome both short and long term volunteers from all over the world, to come and share their passion for roller skating during events, clinics, trainings for local coaches and scheduled programs. In April 2022, our first Free Border Skate Volunteer Retreat will take place at the beautiful Surf Ranch in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua; an event created to up-skill our local trainers and open our classes up to more youth during the school break. Volunteers who attend the retreat not only get the chance to work with our local instructors and the youth in our program, but they themselves will also have the opportunity to learn from The My Skate Pro coaches during a week long offering of classes. My Skate Pro coaches are some of the most sought after instructors in the world and will work alongside you during your learning as well as your volunteer teaching. Sign up for the Free Border Skate Volunteer Retreat here. Or if you would like reminders for future volunteering opportunities, sign up here. 



Our program has been curated especially for at risk/ vulnerable youth in the San Juan Del Sur community; especially those coming from low income households who may not have the means to engage in other sports as a result. For these children and their families, our sessions are always free. However, we understand that everyone loves skating, and with limited options to do so in town, we have created a weekly fundraising day where those who can afford to pay, are invited to come skate with us for a minimum $5 donation. Skate sizes are limited, therefore on these specific days, anyone joining our weekly fundraising session, must register online before arriving. No cash is exchanged on site under any circumstances. This ensures your skate size is reserved and any money exchanged goes directly into our charitable accounts. Our local coaches are also happy to provide personal one to one lessons as well, which can also be booked online. If you would like to book into one of our fundraising days, or take a lesson with one of our instructors, sign up for a reminder here and specify which you would like to get involved in. Personal training and  fundraising sessions will begin in December 2021.  

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